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Learn How Women Are Doing It All To Manage A Business And Family. 
"Women Are Becoming More Successful Than Ever Before!  Women Are Continually Closing The Wage Gap.  All While Becoming Competitive With Men, And Making A Difference Without Fear, Guilt, Or Resistance.
From The Desks Of:  Rebecca Davis and Faye Horton...

Women are WIINing! With more than 30 years of combined business experience in insurance Rebecca Davis and Faye Saxon Horton have faced many of the challenges every woman face in the insurance industry. Rebecca Davis, the Medicare Wonder Woman, who takes the wonder out of Medicare, is CEO of Kannonball Solutions LLC in Stephenville, TX. Rebecca is a champion of Medicare sales and embraces ACA/Health Insurance as well. She has built an agency that currently spans 45 states and growing. Rebecca feels strongly about helping other women to build agencies and reach their fullest potential by sharing the experiences of her career.

After working 20 years in corporate America with three of the largest health insurers in the country and retiring as Manager, Medicare Sales in the Dallas/Ft Worth market, Faye Saxon Horton decided to become an independent broker and build an enterprise in Florida. Faye’s business is built from a solid base of Medicare customers to which she adds Final Expense and Ancillary products. To help others, Faye uses her skills, knowledge and experience to coach others to create consistent residual income. Together we have and continue to work through, around and across those personal, business, and family issues that may plaque women in insurance.

Women are becoming more successful than ever before and are continually increasing the numbers in the C-Suite. We are competitive, making a difference without fear, guilt and overcoming resistance. Women are faced with a different set of problems which require different solutions than our male counterparts. 
How We Turned Insurance For Women:  Into A $120k Per Year Influence For These Women With A Few Simple Educational Tactics...
Here at Club WIIN we understand this from our years of experience in the male-dominated business. We want to create a safe place where women come to learn and share their personal experiences, first-hand. Not only will you be a part of a community of like-minded women; you will have the tools and training you need to break barriers to create the six-figure + income while still being a lady, managing home and family life, and all the other balls we toss.
So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to slip on your crown and help to straighten someone else's crown. Let's WIIN! 
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